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I said to myself that if he yells at me one more time I will leave him..but he did yell at me again and again for things that didn’t go his way but I stayed
then I said to myself if he’s ever disrespectful or his yelling ever effect this kids then than I will leave he did yell called me disgusting in front of our small children because i don’t clean the house up to his standards…. I tried to make a big deal this time…I contacted an Imam at our mosque for marriage counseling but didn’t go throw with it…he’s convinced the Imam will be on his side because I am less religious then he….I talked to my mother who’s been through a divorce she mentioned divorce to her was like experience death…things are calm for now…problems been brushed up under the carpet again…Men don’t change…everyone been telling me that I need a plan..get a job…save money…move out…how to make this transition so it will not feel like a death is that possible I wonder

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