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I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I’m so quiet. U wish I wasn’t. You don’t understand what it feels like to be quiet. Believe me it hurts when I don’t have the words I need to be quiet. Being the quiet one pushes people away. You don’t know how hard it is for me to make friends, because no one wants to be friends with the quiet one. Call me shy or quiet, stupid, friendless, lonely; and I won’t care because I’m all of those things. Day after day I sit alone repeating words of hurt and words that haunt my mind. You know, I wish I was different. Some people say that I’m lucky. Lucky that I’m everything they’re not, everything they wish to be. I wish I could tell them to take my life and see how it works out for them. I’d like to see them try to put up with what I’ve dealt with for fourteen years. So when someone says it bothers them when I’m quiet, they should really think about how I’m feeling. I live in a world where no one cares. Where I’m put into the world, left to fend for myself. You don’t realize how much hurt I endure. I wish I could cry, but crying only leads to more hurt. I wish I could show my feelings, but who cares? Lately, do I even care? So maybe it’s a good thing I shut people out and that I’m so quiet, because no one cares! You can hurt me with your words and your strength. Just know that in slowly crumbling and I don’t care. I wish someone cared. But I’m too quiet to speak up.

One thought on “I’m sorry

  1. noone says:

    i do understand, and i do care. i have social anxiety and it causes me to be quiet some days i cant even leave my room for fear of having to talk to people. i have memorys of people downing me, and peoples hurtful words some days i dont know how to cope. you are not alone.

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