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Posted by on 2014/07/28 under Uncategorized

At times it felt like there’s this subtle force wit in me that’s just waiting to be unleashed.
Somehow I lived life knowing that I can pretty much control it (Whatever it is).
But the thing is, ICAN’T.
Over the years I have witnessed myself dwell on this issue to the point that I would be unleashing it to the person nearest to me.
And I hated that, I hated being in the state where I would be hurting someone else’s feeling whether it be the ones dearest to me or someone I hardly even know.

I always hated being in an emotional state, I never wanted to feel vulnerable.
So, I have developed this trait of shoving every emotional aspect deep within me so I would never have to deal with it.
But it piles up, and when its full It felt like a Bomb waiting for someone to pull the pin for it to explode.
And when it does, it takes everything and everyone away.

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