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Sitting, smelling and tasting the senses in the morning. Waking up and opening your eyes to live with the silence. My place is sacred and for a moment i notice the sun shining through the windows. It’s quiet and all you can hear are the sounds of cars pass. Feeling of hunger is absent with the substitute taken by serenity. I savor the stillness that grateful to me and as i am for silence. Much rather as the mind can feel at ease. Just limited on the routine that may pursue havoc on oneself or other. Outside all the silence is broken with the start movement, smell of pollution and conversations. A place where havoc becomes mental and physical start to become illusions. Continuing forwards and a lack preparation. Being observant and trying to remain quiet, but still evolve. Understanding of confusion and comprehending opinions. Showing compassion for weaknesses on the regular basis. It begins showing compassion with expression that often fails for some. So i release my limited time to take a break. My body is my tool, and i will use it at my will. I will eat when time is mine. Slowly and gradually is my reward for there will be no rush. Being in my sanctuary a place that i call home. I can take home with me sometimes, as my sanity but it will never be in all the right places. So my home is hear and now and i will have no burden. I will liberate from occupation, i shall indicate my day. Release from worry.

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  1. Blank says:

    Somewhere to write.

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