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For most of my conscious life, I have considered myself agnostic and I have always felt a deep spirituality brewing within me. However, I cannot say that I could ever truly identify with a single religion. I admire religion, and those who worship and have defined sets of belief. I envy the perceived ability to understand where you came from, who created you and why you are here. I want to know and believe those things. I find myself knowing that I simply cannot believe in a god or creator the way that most religions present them, because to me some really do not make any sense. If an intelligent being did create us, I severely doubt that we were their first creation since it sure did take us a while to boil into existence after the inception of the universe. I feel compelled to challenge the idea that God, this all powerful, all knowing, all good entity would rush himself into creating something as complex as the universe. Time does not exist to him, he invented it, and it does not apply to him. Why would he limit himself in his creation? That does not seem very powerful or knowledgeable, at least not in my eyes. I am not trying to discredit the existence of an intelligent being that may have created us; rather I am attempting to challenge our cultural conceptions about said being.
I firmly believe that if an intelligent creator was to exist that we would not have even the faintest ideas of his intentions, knowledge, needs and wants. We know not his life, his pains, his trials or tribulations. We cannot fathom the details (that coincidentally preside over our existence) simply because our slowly evolving creation has not yet allowed us to comprehend them. I realize that in my description that I do not even understand the being I am trying to describe so why beat a dead horse, I do not think we can understand god. I believe that most humans (excluding sociopaths) fundamentally do believe that they belong to part of something bigger than themselves. I feel I know this instinctively, but I don’t think I know much else.

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