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Okay I was at a club earlier tonight and there was dancers there. So im just sitting there having a drink enjoying the music the I noticed one of the dancers was looking at me and there was other people in the club as well and the she was playfully doing that arm wave gesture thats usually means comes here and I thought she was calling some else until I heard her say “you over there” and I point to myself saying ” me ?” and she said ” yeah.come dance with me” so I went over and she then asked me what my name was and I told her then she told me her name then she said “come on lets dance” then I said ” im not a good dancer” then she said ” I bet your a great dancer” and I repied ” sure why not” so I nodded my head head and moved my body a little to the rhythm and I looked like a dork. So we where dancing for like five minutes she was smiling and I was too. So was she actually flirting with me and meant It or was she just being nice. I would really appreciate a womans perspective on this cause im a guy and I couldnt tell if a girls flirting with me or just being nice to save my life.thank you

2 thoughts on “÷was she really flirting or just being nice???÷

  1. life says:

    Hi anonymous!
    Okay, so by reading your story, she could have been flirting with you. Or she could have just been somebody who wanted to have some fun dancing with somebody she didn’t know. Most clubs and most of the people in clubs are like that. Do not get ahead of yourself that she could have been flirting with you but by the sounds of it, she could have just been a nice person looking for temporary fun.
    Hope all is well, great success in life and hope you find a real nice girl.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your input I appreciate it, I wont get ahead of myself, it was fun though and its been a while since I’ve had fun like that. And again thank you, I too hope so.

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