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Posted by on 2014/07/27 under Uncategorized

I love this boy. So much and he still doesn’t see it. We hang out a lot but I feel like it’s years between each time we hangout. He said he wanted to be my first kiss but we’ve never came close. I really feel like I’m not pretty enough. After all the saying goes ‘looks aren’t everything’ but I feel like he can’t get past that. All my friends say we’re perfect for each other and I’m starting to like that they say that. He’s a great person but so confusing I never knows what’s going to happen next. One second he’s all flirty and happy but one thing can make him mad or awkward. I sound obsessed but I think about him soo much. This crush isn’t going away. At least not anytime soon. I just want him to be mine.. I’m making no progress and I’ve read all the stupid ‘is he interested in you’ posts on the internet. When a love is real it won’t go away

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