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Posted by on 2014/07/26 under Uncategorized

Why does everyone comment that I should dress ”nicer”. It’s not like I’m in sweatpants and tshirt everyday.. Hardly ever! And it’s not like they are in fancy suit or red-carpet-dresses. How am I suppose to dress, hm? I guess it’s just easier to put someone down and lift yourself up. It becomes hard to lift someone up by a simple compliment, if it means you fall down, because they don’t compliment you back.

I feel comfortable in my clothes, and that’s what matter. I don’t look like a skank. I don’t wear bold colors, but keep it simple, because that’s my style. I don’t dress to impress.
It annoy me so much, when people tell me to dress in a certain why. Excuse me, where is your badge, because from what I see, you are obviously not the fashion police.

Even my mom tells me to dress nicer and be prettier, but yet she won’t let me shape my eyebrow a little. I’m not gonna go crazy, and end up with no eyebrows. I just want to make my eyebrow shape sharper, but still keep them natural looking, but no. You tell me to be prettier and do something about myself, but yet, you won’t let me change anything. You say the clothes I choose is ugly, but yet you wear clothes that’s not your size.

I would rather want you to be quiet, than trying to change me.

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