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When does a relationship end? When do we understand that our close people are not such anymore? I suppose that the relationship comes to its end, when it reaches the best moment, its heyday. After it there is nothing. Emptiness. Firstly, we think we just get bored and it will end some day, our interest will return. But no. This is the first phase. This is the beginning of the end. Then we feel lonely, useless, angry. Why don’t we finish it then? Do we need to excruciate ourselves? I think yes, for the simple reason: we like it, don’t we? Are we all the relationship masochists then? Yes. ‘Cause how can we explain that we continue to live with the feeling of the end for weeks, and even years, even if we don’t like it at all. Why can’t we stop it in the beginning, when it needs to be stopped? I think we all know the answer: because of the hope. We hope every time something bad happens. We hope for the best. We hope it will change one day. But it won’t. We know it. In the corners of our mind. But at the same time we know that we will never change it. We will live with this, until someone tells us about it aloud. This is a full stop. This is the time when it ends officially. This is the time when our hope dies.

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