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Posted by on 2014/07/25 under Uncategorized

I went to dinner with my family and some of my parents friends. I hate those people so much, they’re always making fun of me. My mum is a very busy woman that works her ass off every single day to support me and my brother. But I have a feeling that the only way she can be happy is when she drinks. She is not an alcoholic but when she drinks she gets drunk really easily and says stupid things, laughs for no reason, and acts really differently. It’s a bit embarrassing sometimes, I am not embarrassed of her but of her actions when she’s drunk. So after dinner, my mum was already really tipsy, I was really annoyed and I just wanted to leave, I kept telling her to stop doing stupid things. My dad, my cousin and I were very uncomfortable, and those stupid “friends” of hers kept on telling me how mean I was. They don’t know half of the things that happens at home, they don’t know anything about our family. They encouraged her to drink more and more. I don’t even know why my parents are friends with them. I don’t know what to do anymore, I miss my mum. They control my parents and give them really bad advice on parenting. They tell my dad that he should slap me if I do something wrong. They’re sick and disgusting. I hate them so so much.

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