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Why do I feel this way every time I see her she tells me she loves me and her friends say she so loyal but yet I cant get over this feeling that there is some thing i trust her and love her so much but since I was cheated on by my last gf I just have this feeling in my gut for when a girl is just not into me or relay likes another guy.Was it the last time with her other friend who was hitting on her and saying how he loved her and if only that had not pushed my back to the start.Would I feel this just the other day i got a bit mad at her for forgetting about me to talk to a guy she was in a relationship with before me she tell me she has no interest but her actions say other i can see it she likes him i have seen it before in my last gf I had taken her on holidays and one day she woke up and said she had a dream about the other guy and i was just like ok but since that day just thinking on it she has not been able to have sex with me she cant even get wet so i over think s*** to the point that i think that as she is thinking about the other guy and her body locks up now i have never cared much about sex i would lover her even with out it but prier to that we would have a great sex life it just seams odd. i do think i am highly insecure as i am always there for her and do everything i can to make her happy and she would never hurt me like that would she.I have just been here before and i know it all to well so i dont want to trust my gut but it has never put me heart is breaking just thinking about it.

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