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Posted by on 2014/07/24 under Uncategorized

I am extremely frustrated. I have a boyfriend that I love but we just got into an argument today. The argument was about me being upset over him not paying for dinner tonight. Don’t get me wrong, I rarely ask that he treats me to anything, it’s just that today was a really special day. I got offered an amazing job and I just wanted to celebrate. For the past 2 weeks, I have been paying for all the food that we eat because he said that he needs to “save” money. I understand that he can’t spend money constantly but it really sucks that when he can’t spend money, I end up paying for almost everything. The one time that I want to get something ( a meal that cost $19) he can’t pay for me. When I get upset he gets even more upset and leaves. I just don’t understand how we are going to stay a couple if he literally leaves when we argue. I don’t mind paying most of the time but he needs to understand I’m not made of money either – am I not allowed to get upset over this?? It’s only human for me to get frustrated over this situation and express it, is it not?! I don’t know what to do. I’m only a college student, I can’t afford to pay for me and him forever. I wish someone would give me advice…

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