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Posted by on 2011/10/31 under Uncategorized

I love you so much.. we haven’t been together very long but I love you. But I did stuff with jake.. I didn’t really mean to it just happened and im super guitly about it.. I can’t tell you though. and the party… holy f***… I’ve never had things so hard before.. WHy can’ tthings just f***ing work out why can’t i have friends who actually care about me… why can’t things be like they used to be. I’m to young to realize how life is.. why’d all 30 of you have to gang up against me.. i could never tell my parents.. I’m not a slut… I’ve never had sex. I gave two guys hand jobs that f***ing it!! why does that make me a whore when there is people in our grade who have had sex allot…. wtf?!?!? why can’t i just be the old me.. why does the depression set in so strong. why can’t i just sit here and smile and text/talk to friends like i used to.. now i just sit hear and listen to my music. i don’t talk to my parent because i’ll start arguing with them. my life at homes not bad.. at all. i get the things i want/need but school life isn’t as simple. I really hope things get easier. I want to love life again. I want to tell you how I feel but im scared you won’t accept me anymore. I’m scared slowly losing you…. :/ FML

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