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Posted by on 2011/10/31 under Uncategorized

what the hell!! you say you love me? You tell my best friend shes hotter than me, than you rate me a 2 outta 10 and give my friends 5’s and 8’s. You knew that you were 2 years older than me, you act like u dont and than say its disgusting that you made out with me behind my back to all my friends. You say im a horrible kisser and that im to quiet. Why r u dating me!? Why did you ask me out i the first place!? I hAVE A DAMN GOOD BODY and im way out of your leauge!! You tell me to straighten my hair and wear more skinny jeans for you, so i do and than you tell me to gain some weight and change my makeup! heres a question, why am i dating you!? i thought you were perfect the way you were, you were funny, cute, nice (i thought), strong, kinda a bad boy, sensitive, we had alot in common. ANd what do you have to say about me? so far youve told me im pretty, anything else? And just to be a good girlfriend i decided that i was overreacting, but guess what f*** no im not!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You go girl! This dude is a douche bag.

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