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I have a feeling I will be forever alone. All those around me have already found their love or dated at least once except me.. I’m 15.
I find myself quite attractive and get compliments on Omegle and social sites, where I talk to people I know, who live far away. They’ve asked me to start a relationship with them, but I rejected them, because I know long distance relationships just don’t work…
I don’t have a crush, ’cause they always hurt me. I have locked away my emotions. I get called a heartless prick just because of it. Only if they knew how much hate, despair, worry I hide in myself.
I hope that when I move and start over, I will get noticed. I will be loved. Even a love from a guy I barely know would make me happy.. would make me feel loved.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Youll find someone dont worry. god picked someone out just for you and youll find them its just not time yet

  2. Anonymous says:

    Of course you will not be forever alone. You sound like a lovely person; if people have told you you’re attractive, then don’t think of that as meaning you ought to have a boyfriend by now – you don’t want someone who is attracted to you simply because of the way you look. But it at least means they won’t be unattracted – and then they’ll get a chance to discover your personality.

    You’re only fifteen. Perhaps you’re tired of hearing that you’re still young, but that’s because it is true. 15 is very, very, very, very young. To be honest, no one your age is really emotionally mature enough for a relationship to mean all that much – perhaps a few relationships will be starting to move towards somewhere, but I can guarantee that not a single one of your friends who’ve apparently “found their love” will end up with that guy. No way. You’re not missing out – enjoy the time to take a step back and observe; figure out just what you want.

    If you’re craving love from a guy, then you know it’s not the right time for you to fall in love. You need to learn to be whole and complete within yourself before you can give away a part of your heart to someone else.

    You’ll do just fine in life, I promise. Just focus on letting your friendships grow, whether with guys or otherwise. Friends are the most important thing for you right now.


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