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It seems the world is a variable. How do I figure? It varies! Changes! In , at the very least, two ways. The world goes through phyiscal changes independantly, and through the enduring of mankind. It also goes through a more metaphorical change. When people say the world has changed they usually mean the people in it. It’s funny because they probably have no idea how right they are. You see if people are a part of this world and they change than the world changes, even if the slightest change, a change. To think about this in a mathematical sense, the world is a product of many variables. These variables, such as the world itself, humans, animals etc are all variables like x, m, k etc. If one of the many variables change even slightly, the product will change, and even more so with larger numbers. However humans are no small variable. If humans were to have a percentage of 100 over all variables deciding the worlds fate, it would be something high up. Perhaps, a fourth or a third, maybe even half but who knows. Meanwhile, animals and the like would have a much smaller percentage. Yes they are important but we as humans are the ones who can impact the world and far greater scales ever so rapidly. The topic of this passage is not to disciss mankinds leverage over the world, although that is a very insterestintopic. It is to discuss products of humans and humans. Extreme variables with extreme variables. I refer to humans as “extreme” variables because they can vary is so many ways such as acts, emotions, perception each with it’s own complexities. Thing’s like friendship and love require two extreme variables, so more than often the outcome is unpredictable. You don’t know what kind of person someone is when you meet them, therefore you don’t know how well you two will mix. In mathematical terms, you don’t know what variable you are dealing with so you don’t know what kind of product to expect. Because nothing is ever for sure, and even more so with variables such as humans, we must take a leap of faith when attempting to establish things like Love and Frienship. People might argue that no, it’s not a leap of faith because they “just know” it’s not, but the undisputable truth is that yes it is. Let me explain my logic: When dealing with Love people spend time, talk and all of that with their partner to try to figure out his/her feelings and if they are true and who they are as a person(what qualities they have, which themselves are variables). It can be analogized with a mathematician solving for x but stuck with y, a, b , g and many more mystery variables (which he can only hope are nice numbers) from finding x. Furthermore after finding x, those mystery variables are still a mystery! A mathematician cannot logically assume a variable, much less many variables! He can however, take a leap of faith, hoping that he will guess the exact value of each one (what are the chances?) but is very prone to fallibility, to error. However, despite all of the possible years of hard work, it can all be taken away. A man can realize his partner was not who he’d hoped she was (the mathematician will realize he had GUESSED wrong.). There are a seemingly endless list of other possible bad outcomes but I’m not going to go into that. Proceeding on, at the end of the day a man can only hope that his woman feels the same for him, and all of that. It’s like lovers are in a tunnel with a flashlight. The light comes on every once in a while so the man see’s some truth but not enough to understand it, just enough to know it’s there. Just enough to hope the rest of it is to his liking which is a lot to expect and hope for when they are so many possible outcomes for a human. A human has many aspects and hoping for a specific combination of outcomes out of many is putting yourself out there quite a bit. Friendship is quite simmilar. You can only hope your friend matches the definition of a friend, and throughout life there are many hardships which seem to be attempting to corrupt ones values (in other words make one untrustworthy, deceptive and the like) which will lead to failed frienships in the future. Now that I think about it in such profound depth, it’s a scary thing. It seems to be a gamble with the odds exponentially stacked against each and every single one of us. However, people have long said one doesn’t need much besides love and friendship for a good life, for happiness. It’s sad to know that even if one gives his/her best efforts, they are still not guaranteed a trustworthy person matching the definition of a friend, or a lover with a relationship between the two matching the definition of love. If we need these things to be happy, and those are not guaranteed, than neither is our happiness. We can’t act in such a prejudice matter, expecting peoples unknown variables are what we want, or at least to out liking, but it sometimes seems as if we must. It seems it’s all or nothing.
Why must the way of the world be such?

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