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Posted by on 2011/01/13 under Uncategorized

have been trying to tell people that I need help. I am trying not to become susisidal again. I am depressed and just want one person to reach out and realize I am YELLING for help. I have even come straight out and said” I am depressed and need to talk to a dr about it.

Tonight is night 27 that I either cry myself to sleep or take 5 ibuprofen to get to sleep.
I am tired of crying and feeling like everything that my family does, they do to hurt me. and worse is I know I deserve to be hurt and not loved because I am who I am.
I just want to scream!!!!!!My husband has been cheating on me for three years, and when I finally tell him I know he just says… why you spying on me????? duh why the hell you cheating????? yet worse, I feel like I can’t leave, I haven’t worked in 4 years and can’t get a job. One reason is the economy but the other reason is I own two vehicles and can’t use either one of them because each of my self centered spoiled brat daughters have them. My foster mother recently was diagnosed with cancer and I can’t get to her . Why? because I have no flipping car and no flipping money.
I feel absolutely useless and just want everyone to leave me the hell alone. Don’t call Don’t come over… Don’t text… Don’t act like you care ,,,, If you did You would listen to my screams and help me.Good night now… I’m going to cry myself to sleep once again.

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