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when they said that I didn’t pass my writing proficiency I was so depress because I know and try told me million times that I can’t participate to my graduation cuz I didn’t pass my writing and when I went to my graduation to cheer my bestfriend I saw some student that I know that didn’t pass there proficiency they let them participate to the graduation and the worst part was im a good student my GPA was 3.6 and I felt like im so f***ing dumb because I pass all the major subject but what the hell why I can’t pass the writing….mmmmm I felt like my dream got destroyed my wiring proficiency

One thought on “my dream was destroyed by proficiency

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe get a tutor and come back and do it next year. In all honesty, you really do need to work on your writing skills, they are quite poor right now.
    From what I can tell, most of this is probably caused by the fact that you do not bother re-reading your work before posting it or handing it in. If you did that, you would probably have picked up at least 50% of the silly mistakes you have made with grammar and spelling, and could likely have passed.

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