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Posted by on 2011/10/28 under Uncategorized

shallow games can go f*** themselfes!! you know what screw life. 🙂 its all a game anyway. no one gets out of this place alive. so much frikin drama, i just wanna ring all my friends by their necks and tell to shut the hell up!! im 12, look like im 17, act like im 14, im wayy more mature than i act around my friends. They dont know me, no one knows me i keep myself covered up pretty damn good. Its starting to become a problem. I just wanna grow up already and get out of middle school, skip high school and colledge, leave my house and go stopm around this world and leave my mark. I have everything i could possibly want. I have a great life! but theres something missing and whatever it is its tearing my down. I feel like im suppose to do something,but i have no frikin clue what it is. I seriously look like im 17 though, and its not cuz i look like a slut or anything im just super tall and matured i guess?? but im tired of all the creeps trying to stare me down whenever i go somehwere with my friends. Leave me the hell alone!! im 12. i have no idea what im writing about i just felt the urge to wirte. i doubt anyone is gunna read this but if you do thanks cuz i know i wouldnt read someone elses problems. exspecially if they said they were 12. Thats kinda a let down, Whenever i tell someone im 12 they automaticaly stop taking me seriously. Its like wtf so if i told you i was 16 youd listen to me? nothing changed i can still have a mature conversation with you, but noo im just a “kid” i wont understand polotics or any of that crap. Well did it ever cross ur mind that i dont really give a s*** about politics and that crap? God damn, i hate being treated like a kid. I kmow i am but if act old enough and look old enough for you to beleive im 17 than whys everything change after i tell you im 12? I listen to nirvana god damnit!! take me seriously!!

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