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MY best friend broke up with her bf and told him to ask me out cuz she knew i loved him secretly. 4 weeks later we r suuuuper happy and in love and she confesses to me that she still has feelings for me, 3 days later she tells me to break up with him, the next day she says im being a horrlibe friend and a b**** becuz i wont break up with him even though i know she still likes him. When they were together she treated him like crap!! she paid absolutley no attention to him whatsoever and ignored him. ANd avoided hanging out with him. NOw he has a gf who truley loves him. And she (my best friend) is telling me i have to choose between them… when shes the reason were dating in the fisrt place. i have no one else to turn to. Either i break up with the guy i love and completley put myself through heart ache, or i lose my best friend and completely put myself through heart ache. Either way i get hurt in the end. 🙁 my life sucks right now. And honestly im starting to think i should choose my boyfrien. exspecially after she called me a b**** for not breaking up with him when she told me to. I love them both, wayyy to much to choose.

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  1. Parsa says:

    hello ,my name is Parsa
    look i tell you whats truth and belive on me!
    if i was instead you for sure i wonted break up ,why ? ofc cause i cant and if i could then it meant i didnt love him , and i know u like ur best friend so much too but if she loved him in real she never could tell you go with him ha ? so she didnt and even if u leave him and she back to him after a while or long she will again leave him or even he will leave her
    and i also tell that love is just for around one year ,after or less than one year the love between 2human will get hurt by one side or both sides and they leave eachother
    but what i offer you is this :
    go tell all story to ur bf and tell him that when she left you and hurted you hard ,it was You stayed with him and gave him feel of not lonely ( tell as polite and kindness ) and then tell story about what she said to you
    then ask him right that moment that if he wanna stay with you so then please lets act ,which act ? for some days ( while still u both are together as sneaky ) u and he will act that u leaved him ,and then tell her to go to ur bf side ,and when they visit eachother ,ur bf must make rude with her or atleast show her that he dont care any about her and he is a annoying or smth like that for her by anyway ,got it ?
    use this plan then she will leave ur bf and also she wont break up with you ( but she will get some cold on you but this is best way we can do ) so after when she saw that ur bf dont care about her ,maybe she come herself and tell you go back with him and she dont care if u be with him or not but if she said this then ask her if she is sure ? and also make her feel that u really choosed her between her and ur bf so she will feel fine with you

    BUT if when u said story to ur bf ,u felt that he feels more to be with her than you then fastly chance subject of talk and tell some lies about her to make her face bad front of him ,for sample tell she said she wanna abuse him and be the who want to steal some of guys money ! ,or some tricks like this then he will get cold back fastly and he wont leave you too
    i hope u do great and best happen for you ,please as anyway if u used my plan or not ,tell me that what u did and whats going on about you by sending mail to me
    also im someone got hited hard by a girl ,and i had really same problems like u have right now in my past with her and thats why i felt i must help you 🙂
    please tell me whats going on about you and ur bf
    my mail is : <a href="mailto:[email protected]" >[email protected] ,hope see ur mail.

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