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Im a different kind of girl.A laugh means nothing, a smile means something, and a look into your eyes means everything. I dont listen to the music on the radio, i wear a dress when i feel like it, and skinny jeans when i dont. I sing, but that doesnt mean im good at it. I hate math but i do it anyway. I dont really care what you think so dont bother, I love him and i dont care if anyone else on the earth doesnt. I dont give a s*** if ur popular, you wanna be friends ur gunna have to prove something to me cuz i have nothing to prove to you. Im nice, but that doesnt mean i cant be a b**** when i want to. I love the outdoors but i love the city as well. contradictions is what i live for. my face is pretty, i know it, i hear it allll the time, this is my rule of thumb, the first time i meet someone and they tell me im pretty and than try to hang out with me, i walk away. Lifes a game, you can cheat, you can have fun with it, and you can take it seriously… or you can do what i do and screw around with the rules, lose the directions and make up new ones. Yah i know, my best friends a crazy ass b**** but guess what, im stuck with her so to hell with it! If this is where i am i might as well have fun with it. My boyfriend is amazing even though my whole school hates him, dont care. NIrvana rocks ass, the beetles suck d***, and panic at the disco will neva eva die!! hellz ya

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