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Since when do you care used to actually be in love with me. Or so you’d say that. You’ve made me begin to doubt all we used to have and besides all that you’re being so insensitive around me sometimes when you talk about how you’ve moved on with her. Ya it’s grand for you, you’ve never been put through this. But come on..JUST THINK ABOUT WHAT WE USED TO HAVE AGAIN FOR TWO SECONDS!!!!

All i need is someone that I can replace you with. But when I think about replacing you it seems like nobody could follow in your place. Not that I want to move on but you’ve made it so clear that you’ll never feel for me again..

And sometimes I just wonder.. what happened to us?

We used to make eachother so happy. And sure, we fought. But who doesn’t.
You’ve told me before that i saved you, but what does any of that matter anymore when sometimes you act as if spending time with your best friend is irrelevant to how your week is planned.

Sometimes I just want to come onto sites like this and actually get a reply. So that for a little while I can feel that someone out there cares what I’m saying. But for now I appreciate what this website has offered. I needed to say all that.

And to anyone who may see this, you’re beautiful and loved. Tell someone you know the same because you might just make their day/week/month.
Words are a powerful thing. Make someone smile with them.
Yours S

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