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i am 18 and my mum died when i was 6. me my dad and sister lived together and struggeled through till my sister went to uni. then when i was 14 my my dad got a girlfriend and we moved in with her and her 3 daughters.
i have never been happy with the situation and have been slowly shutting myself out since they married 3 years ago.

i dont get on with my stepmum and dislike her daughters too. im so incrediblt unhappy. i have counselling and extra people to talk to at school because my sad feelings are getting i nthe way of my work, and i failed most of my AS level exams which i am retaking in a week.

one week before my 18th birthday in november 2010, i walked out as my stepmum threated that either i leave or her and my dad get a divorce becasue im the reason the argue alot. i was happy to go, so i have been staying with my grandad for almost 3 months now but i feel guilty. he says its okay but i know its not right for me to be stayin with an 86 year old man.

i have no idea what to do, i cant and wont go home, im so miserable there

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