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summer 2011 Lost my best friend.. and two of my backstabbing friends.. they all told me to go kill myself. i didnt even know what i did to make them envy me.. now new year new friends no problems until now. it all started when i met this guy.. james. (still love you).. we were lie bestfriends. we dated then he broke up with me cuz he didnt feel the way he did when we first got together and now hes dating one of the girls who told me to go kill myself.. i told him about her. and the things she put me through i cant believe he would do that. he knows it would hurt me.. now its like i done even exist in his life anymore.. i miss him so much..

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  1. Mar says:

    I have kinda the same problem and I don’t no what to do I wonder if I should kill myself but I don’t want to cuz that will hurt so if u wanna comment bac and forth til were ok that would be great hope u r doing fine

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