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I feel irratated my mom is so mad over everything, i feel like i cant do anything right, whatever i do isnt good enough, I feel depressed, and there is nothing i could do about it because my mom dosent want to deal. I feel selfish because she is on treatment i hate fightng with her. I pray. I try to pray. Its dosent seem to help. I feel broken, empty. My twin sister is in a stupid f***ing mental institution, for 8 months i can only talk with her. We did everything together, now with out her i feel worthless. I dont want to do anything but i do. I feel rejected, this guy i have known for 5 years now, doesnt evben want me anymore, i thought he liked me, he only wants sex, and today i dont think he wants that. Sometimes i feel like i should just sell myself when i get older because thats all someone would want me for. I loved this guy at least i think i did, it dosent even matter because he hates me. Ill be good at it i know who am and thats not it, i just wanted to be liked and now he dosent care. I wish people will just be honest, i hate liers, i hate people who assume all this f***ing s*** thats not true. I hate being without my sister, i hate the fact that she is not here, i hate that my mom dosent even know me anymore, Its f***ing pathedic im pathedic. Get me the f*** outta here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hun i hope you get through this. stay strong. i wish the best for you. your beautiful

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