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Posted by on 2011/01/02 under Uncategorized

you think that i am just going to wait these 2 years for you. like you “waited” for me. dont try and turn this into some beautiful romance story becuase its NOT. its a stupid story about how i trusted youand how stupid i was and how much of an absolute D***HEAD you are.

you think i want you and i DONT. I DONT. I DONT I DONT I DONT I DONT.

and i want to run and scream this at you so you realize that i dont want that anymore. becuase the last time we had a “thing” – a stupid, undefinable, un-labled relationship – you ended up with someone else and you lost your virginity to her. and now you want to make it seem like this distance thing is so terribly romantic and we are “waiting” for each other. well thats not waiting. thats not waiting.

i feel so alone sometimes. you are the only person who knows everything about me. the good and the bad. how i can rant like this for so long and how i look when i cry and how i always overeact and how i am way to emotional. how i recovered from my depression. you know my daily routine and my favourite breakfast cereal and my sisters birthday. and i miss you so much sometimes for what we used to have.

but the truth is i hate you as well . beuase you think everyone is in love with you. you drop stupid childish hints about you having sex and drinking because you think it makes you seem cool. but i can see through every single stupid hint you drop and its the most childish and pathetic thing ever.

and you will never know. just like everyone else in my life; you will never ever know i wrote this right here becuase in a minute i will e-mail you like i normally do and end it with “i love you” and you will never ever know.

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