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You live your life in a shell of s***. You judge, manipulate, control and dwell on pure negativity day in and day out. You have no respect,compassion or patience for the only in people in life that tried to help you when you chose to lay down and give up. No body ever cared except for the ones you abused the most and for once in your life man up, take responsibility – Stop treating people like s*** all the time and then complain that you are a victim. You are not a victim, you are just weak. A very weak, pathetic and sorry excuse of a man. You are man enough to abuse your wife/family but too much of a coward to own up to your actions, too much of a coward to take control of your life and make things better, too much of a coward to take action instead of opening your mouth. You’re the biggest disappointment in my life period, you are the one thing that makes things s***ty. A constant reminder that life would be a better place without you because you are nothing but negativity in the world, especially to your family. You take our support and throw it back at us with your awful words and actions. You hate when we try to help, or be positive and you actually enjoy draining our happiness, that is the one thing that satisfies you. No father in the world should ever tell his children he’d rather be dead that have to live with his kids and that they are not worth living for and not only that but that they are useless and worthless. Unfortunately, some people never change and unfortunately you will never truly see who you really are because you can never actually take responsibility for who you are and what you’ve done. There are so many things at any given time in the world, in your life to be grateful of and you make the decision to ignore all of it and abuse those who try to show you. You can only help yourself, we have tried… For the last time.

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