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I messaged you tonight thinking that yet again i would not hear back….it started with me saying hey then 5 mins later you replied hay u wat u doing…. i said at touch footy….you? you said the place where you stay when you come up here to work…. that excited me as then i knew you were here obviously and that you were close….i said cool.. do i get to see you before you go home… saw your work mates today near work and got excited… then no you so was sad….. you asked me to come up to where you staying..i said i wish but cant at moment sorry….then you went quiet…. typical…. i then messaged and said still got the girl friend…… you replied can u get rid of her…. i was thinking what the??? you want me to get rid of your girlfriend….. so i replied ????? meaning… you said c me now…. i didnt reply and you after 5 mins sent back …well….. frustrating aye when someone doesnt reply aye…..I sent back if i could you know i would more than anything… tomorrow??? 20 mins and no response so i said send me a pic….. you said cant not here tomorrow can u drop her off and cum here…. i left you waiting then you messaged again saying cum on call me…. funny thing was i was sitting in the car thinking the same thing of you…. call me… i messaged back i cant you call me quickly…. you replied cum here….oh Daniel i wish it was that easy.. I need to see you to spend time with you to be with you….I love you I miss you….no one knows what this does to me… know one will understand this letter but deep down its only for you and I… I just need somewhere to write somewhere to keep my memories alive and fresh…. until the day I can sit and tell you face to face…. <3 Daniel

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