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I wonder how it feels to have friends. Real friends. True friends. People who’ll believe you unconditionally. People who’ll support you no matter what. Why is the world not like that anymore? Why do “friends” today, act like you’re their sole source of happiness in front of you and the minute you turn your back, start b****ing about you, saying that they hate you and hate hanging out with you. Why can’t anyone practice honesty anymore? Is that so difficult? But that’s another point altogether. Friends. Why doesn’t anyone trust you anymore? Your apparent “best friend” hears something about you from somewhere and would rather believe that and stop talking to you than even try to clear the air. Why is there no trust, no faith and no belief? Does anyone else feel this way? Or is it just me? Have I become too cynical? Or has the world today become so clinical. Anyway.. Signing off till next time.. This is Tracy.. Good night Amigos..

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  1. Pri says:

    I understand what you mean. I used to know or i thought i knew what friendship was. I always thought that i had no idea what love was but friendship to me was the closest thing to it. Now all my friends have turned on me. I cared about them more than family so now i start to think.. does anyone ever truely care if their not blood related to you? Even family turns on you nowadays but for some reason i didnt expect a friend to. Its hard to understand this. I came on this to just write how i felt but i wish someone had the answers

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