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whenever i turn around i think i hear a funny sound i turn left i turn right but there is nothing there it is very strange because it only happens around hallowe’en. one night when i was fast asleep i felt something bite me. i woke up and let huge scream out. my mom came asked whats wrong. i was sooooo scared i couldnt speak i was panting. finally i stopped. i told my mom she said it probly a dream. but it wasent! i had a bite mark on my neck! i hung on the door garlic and onions and i also put it on the walls i put pumkins and the inside on the floor. my mom said i was being silly but i wasent. i just want to be wrepared. i went down stairs to wait for my friends coming over. Kate came first Kate is such a girly girl. Rebecca came next but we call her Becs or Beca Beca is a wild girl. Jennifer came next call her Jenny or Jen Jenny is the tomboy of the group. half an hour later Katie came Katie is the popular one in the group being fashionbly late she will be a fashion designer we all say. and im Melondy i am the rock chick girl of the group call me Mel. girls there is something i want to show you were is it shouted Beca.ok girls here it is i showed them my neck. Beca and Jenny thought it was cool Kate thought it was descusting tipical kate katie thought it was ok. ok do you want to sleep in the sitting room or my bedroom. you never ask us that said Katie. ya well you see my room is covered in garlic onions and pumkin stuff. why did you do that asked Kate. because the vapires have been coming into my room.i think we in Mellys room said Jennifer. ya we can sleep with clothes pegs said Beca. ok bring up your sleeping bags up to my room. that i wasent so scared. and the vampires were never in the house again!

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