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farming stared during the new stone age hunting and gathering was in the old stone age nomads are people who have no settled homes they move place to place where there is food 6 thing of civilization are art trade cities socal classes government and writing THEY KNEW WHERER THE ICE MAN WAS FROM BECAUSE OF HIS COPPER AX PREHISTORY IS BEFORE WRITTING WAS INVENTED HISTIRY IS WHEN THERE WERE RECORDED EVENTS FARMING STARTED IN THE NEW STONE AGE IT WAS INPORTANT TO PEOPLE BECAUSSE THEY HAD A SETTLED HOME the worlds populaion incresed because people had larger families archeologists use primary sourse and secondary sourse to find clues primary source is something that is original and first handed secoun dary source is something that is not original or secound handed traders carried too and ideas to diffrent cities surpluse means more then is needed archeologists are like detectives because the put together clues from the past

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