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Ken if you ever read this one day which i doubt i want you to know how much i loved you and you broke my heart completely and and all i do each and every day is think about you i have so much pain and i noo you wouldent care but i do you were the only person i would talk about each and everyday all i do is think and cry about you ehrn i pass your street i cry when i see giant tiger i cry when lisa tells me storys about you i keep it inside and feel so dumb and insecure i don’t know why i love you so much but i guess thats just how i feel and iam trying to forget about you but i just cant i love you with all my heart and i hope your happy and lifes treating you well even tho you probably wouldent even care if you read this even tho you hurt me so much i love you and i dont know why sometimes i wish i can just stop but i cant cause you were the only think i ever really cared about and now i dont think i could love anyone else i dont think i know how to love even the your a idiot who only cares about ass I LOVE YOU i dont care if i sound desperate the love i had for you was soo strong i even remember some of the songs that you would always play in your base IT WAS JUST A DREAM !and SEXY GIRL ANTHEM everytime i here those songs i cry alout i just wish you broke up with me instead of makeing me leave you i had to leave you i knew it wasent right i always regret it but i know it was for the best i guess i just did not realize all the feelings i had for you till later on and i’am miserable sometimes i would cry hopeing you would come after me and say sorry sometimes i wish you called more than juss 3 times when i broke up with you when lisa told me you got a new car and that it was red i would look at every red car driveing wishing you would come out and talk to me i still till this day wish that whoever has you i wouldent say there they are lucky but i would say that they will fall deeply for you its like you have this spell when you looked at me and what you would do and say made fall for you its like you were my main part of the day you were my course i just hate that i love you so much i really want to forget about you but its so hard when one of my best friends is dateing your twin brother i just want you to know not that you will know That i may seem like a desperate crazyyy person but iam not i have gotten tuns of chances to be with great guys but its like you have my heart on lock and i talked to every guidance councillor about you a few friends i and they all say it takes time to heal bla bla but i just think iam emotionally damaged by you and sometimes i wish i never meet you so i wouldent have to feel this way but i do so I LOVE YOU and i dont think ill stop already been long i think a few months or soo or a year dont know but i love you call me crazy which iam starting to think iam ill never ever forget the way you used to look at me that image i will have stuck in my hed for life love you with all my heart ken .

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