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Posted by on 2011/10/06 under Uncategorized

sitting here thinking about how immature everything has become…media (just watch one episode of john stewart and you almost want to scream when he starts with the news show sound bites, no matter what side you are on, they all look like idiots), leaderless leaders, an economy that will go nowhere for a long time, income inequality, factionalization of people, a world where ideas mean more than people (oh by the way, when this happens s*** goes south, really south…germany circa 1932+, the inquisition, the religious wars of most of the middle of second millenium, revolutions of the latter half of 18th century, totalitarian communism…bad times, really bad), idealogy and ideas now mean more than science (again, really f’ing scary), poverty, unemployment that is “ok”, greed and laziness combined into some kind of ironic horror, ignorance of the need to change (the world will no longer be what it was for that past 70 years (get over it), hyper-competition that does no one any good, and on a societal level, a complete lack of behaviour that is more than one or two steps beyond the rest of our biological cousins…done ranting…whatever happened to the intellectual maturity of the post WWII era? Yes there was the cold war, but it certainly was not this and at least the people running the show had a clue…

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