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i just want this year to end quickly now. i have no job and feel as though my life has come to a complete stand still. like a wall in front of it. to high to climb and to big to knock down.

i have no where to turn. this makes me un happy. i need some income coming in a have a girlfriend who i like and would love to treat. but i can’t provide for myself so how is she going to stick around. i apply to jobs all year and receive nothing but rejections i haven’t even gained a single interview. i hate bringing pain to my mum, and it kills me inside when i have to ask for money. she is 60 and should not be supporting her 26 year old son.

all my peers have been very successful but i can’t seem to catch a single break. i really don’t know whats up. guess some peoples lifes are already written

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The economy sucks. Everywhere. And, yeah it’s seriously hard to find a job. But don’t give up. Keep trying. Who knows, maybe something will turn up soon. And I’m sure your mother understands how sorry you are about the money situation.

  2. Adeel says:

    i known someone who was in same situation like you..but he is good now…my advice is do anything just don’t sit and wait…do any job even its lower than your qualification at least you are gonna get something even a 1$/hour but you are getting not loosing. and don’t care for those who gonna say look what he is doing…when you don’t have money they never paid for you why you care…
    here’s a story of person i told you i know. read it if you like,
    2005 he got his software engineering degree,
    till 2006 one year he didn’t get a job…in 2006 he start working at a place which don’t have to do anything with computers..he get 0.75$ (in US dollars)per day…after 6 months one of this co worker was going to saudi arabia for labor job he ask the guy you wanna go too…they will give us 150$ per month…he think 5$ per day…??? he came to saudi arabia and work 6 months as labor.,one day labor supervisor was sick and someone said this guy can handle the job for couple of days..,he is educated.,the work performance get better…, he get a chance.., then next step then next…,long story short…now he is working in saudi arabian airlines and getting 1800$/month basic + benefits…in next year he will get permosion and salary will be 2500$/month + benifits…the point is do something…and do not let it go until you reach to next step.
    and yeah that person is me.

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