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Posted by on 2011/10/03 under Uncategorized

i met this guy through some forumy place, i became friends with a group on there, and ended up getting close to one of the guys. eventually, we started ‘going out’ since we actually lived pretty close and met up a few times. then, he ended it suddenly and i was left a wreck, i’d finally let myself trust him, and he dropped me there in the dirt. two months later, he tells me he’s going out with some other girl who he’d already slept with, and had kissed not even a week after he ended it with me. he told me he was going to end it with her and hoped we would get back together, i said no, but we became friends again. yet now, we’ve grown apart and i can’t help but resent him. the worst thing though, is that the mutual group of friends we have knew about us being together and us ending and somehow, i can’t help but feel like it’s become team me and team him amongst them, and all of them are team him. despite him being the one f***ing me around. i feel like i’m not of any value to any of them.

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