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I honestly don’t believe in love anymore, at least not for me. The person I fell in love with, who was my first love. The one guy who 5 years ago showed me that not all guys are the same, now show me that all guys are the same. Due to a misunderstanding in a fight we are no longer together. Found out he been lying and have been cheating on me for the past two years. I saw emails, texts, and pictures. I knew of the girl and she have told me that she is with him but blinded by love and trusting what he said when I asked him about it I didn’t leave. Things he did made me had doubts but i trusted him and love him. Also we have a kid together and I didn’t want to believe it was true. Months after the break up he contact me again apologizing and saying he was stupid. That I was the best thing to happen to him. Saying he want to get back together and want us to be a family. Telling me that girl doesn’t mean anything to him. That he never cheated on me. That the girl was crazy and is obsess with him. The other day he told me he need to go help a friend and that he love me and hope I don’t give up on him, he want us to be together. He called me two days after that and again apologize. He told me he got hurt and wasn’t feeling well. Later that night I called to talk to him and to see if he feeling better he said not really and that he was going to ask his mom to take him to the hospital. I called back about an hour later to check up on him and some girl I didn’t reconized her voice answer, I didn’t say anything and hung up. Called back again and his mom answered, I asked if he was home and she said “I think so, let me see.” I heard her knock on his room door and tell him he had a phone call. I guess he asked her who because I heard her say a girl, your woman. Than she came back on the phone and say “I told him but I don’t think he coming, I’ll leave the phone on in case he come so he can talk to you.” I said ok and waited, than after like 15-20mins someone hung up the phone. I called back and no answer. I think he is with that girl because that was her birthday. I don’t understand why say all those stuff to me when he is with her. I never did anything to him. When we broke up and I heard he was with her, I didn’t say or do anything just let them be. Why is he doing this to me? I believe mine and his whole relationship is a lie.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    cheer up girl… u have a kid together.. i think maybe he is just running away because life is getting so serious and he isnt as mature like u r… give him time… tell him, b4 he statrts a relationship u could of told me u wanted to explore other women… tell him that lying only hurts me because u r not stupid and know the truth.. tell him if he loves his kid then he needs to strighten up or leave forever.. take him to court if he doesnt change for yr kids custody and find another man… good men DO exist.. chivalrous, respecting, women first men.. i’ve met 2.. one in which theyw were beautifuully married.. never had i seen a man treat a women so amazingly… also another whom I went on a date with but I didnt have a physical attraction for had the heart of gold… most men r d***ds… most men r great actors and decievers.. a good man is when u feel he is honestly to good for u.. that is when u should stay…that is when u get married.. when he gives u more then u know u deserve.. not just by materials and in the bedroom.. but by his respect and love and kindness for u.. u r young im sure.. and beautiful i bet too.. unless he admits he has had evil desires and wants yr help or someones leave him.. he was cheating girl.. if u feel it very strongly its real.. but he does love u.. but remember that is not a reason to stay with someone.. many men may come to love u.. but u mujst stay with the right one.. dont let his pety love be enough.. u stay because u know he loves u… and he does.. but sometimes.. that isnt enough.. u should be fullfilled darling.. and yr empty… go fid the man who completes or he;p this man be the one he used to be

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