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i fell like dying all the time
my name is Jennifer i’m 14
and i like to sey life sucks
you see
i tried suicide..and i gotta tell you
it hurts…not physically but mentally
i killed my self for almost 18 times
and…i didn’t get better
i got worse
now i try to kill my self every rainy day
or in the Bathtub
or when i am cutting something
i hate my life
that sucks πŸ™
i am 14 and i don’t have a single friend in the world
do you think i really should die?

2 thoughts on “29-09-11(18:53:58)

  1. Anonymous says:

    oh baby πŸ™

    that is so awful dont give up ill be yr friend../ my nbame is alicia and im 18.. and i dont know you but i love you.. never kill yrself.. yr too wonderful… u r so smart… to write for help.. well im here add me to fb even Alicia Maria Francisco.. u r an angel.. every life has a purpose.. u justt havent seen yrs yet.. yr not alone we will do this together baby girl πŸ™‚ never give up

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like what alicia said….i will give you my views too…but i think alicia comment is way more better than mine…

    for me i am 26 years old…also don’t have any friend…
    here two thing one you will get nice friend…2nd you will gonna learn how to live like that which is not good idea..,coz for me its different i was and am antisocial person i don’t like people much.

    so for you…you go with 1st option…start making friends and start with alicia.

    God Bless You All πŸ™‚

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