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I want to be able to say what I want. I want boys, when they think of me, to think damn she’s not like everyone else. And maybe thinking that I want to be different from everyone makes me like them but I really hope it doesn’t. Look, you only live once right? So why not go all out. Well, isn’t that obvious? we have feelings. We get hurt. We fall too hard or too fast and they we hit our faces on the sidewalk and the pain doesn’t go away. I’m a teenager and I have loved and lost already, and in that I am very lucky. Lucky to have been able to experience that aspect of life. But now that I’m out of a committed relationship all I want to do is be back in one. I try and think, who do I really like. But then, yes I have another philosophy, I don’t like anyone that doesn’t like me. Again, I am kidding myself if I believe this. There are lots of options but I guess its the weeding out of the bad ones thats the hard part. With my last boyfriend I knew from the very second I realized I had a crush that he was it. He was the one who I had been waiting for. And he was. But now I need to choose a new one and its just too hard. Help me. Someone. Please. Give me a sign.

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  1. Here to listen says:

    Yes, it is hard. And I’m sorry things are tough for you right now. But there is someone out there. You just might have to wait for him for a while. You will find the right person for you. Don’t ever give up hope

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