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I just want to feel pretty! Apparently I am not because Im never told it like all of my friends. Sometimes everything overwhelms me! I just want to be liked and loved, isnt that what we all want? I can’t even tell myself that Im pretty, I have no self confidence left. It all left along time ago. What do I do? How do I help myself feel pretty? I don’t know where it comes from! Im bad at writing too apparently!

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  1. Here to listen says:

    Ways to feel pretty;

    1. Smile at someone and watch them smile back
    2. Do something you’re amazing at; sing, draw, do math problems, knit a scarf, hug a dog, whatever it is you’re great at.
    3. Don’t listen to stupid magazines and TV ads that give everyone the impression that in order to be ‘pretty’ you have to conform to what society thinks is ‘in’.
    4. Find something about yourself that you love inside or out and concentrate on that thing. Tell yourself “I have pretty eyes” or “I’m always there for my friends” and let that feeling fill you up. Do this with different things every morning.
    5. Take good care of yourself. Stay clean and healthy as you can be 🙂
    6. Stop any negative thoughts right in their tracks. The minute you hear yourself thinking “I’m not pretty” or “Why doesn’t anyone ever say I’m pretty” yell STOP in your head as loud as possible. Anything, just try and train yourself to stop the negative comments.
    7. Realize that everyone, absolutely everyone is pretty in some way shape or form. Some people are pretty when they laugh. Some people are pretty when they help someone else. Some people are pretty with their nose in a book. Some people are pretty in one person’s eyes, some people are pretty in another person’s eyes. Someday, you’ll find someone who thinks you are abolsutely gorgeous. You are beautiful. And don’t ever forget it.

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