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Posted by on 2011/09/21 under Uncategorized

Sigh, I got married impulsively to a kinda friend since I have known since middle shcool who is in the military now. I am 28, and at 27 I thought well I guess I’ll get married over texted I was asked mind you, and how sad. Now I want a divorce and he is making it so difficult just because he wants extra pay. And yes he is overseas. We have never lived together. And I totally regret my impulsive actions. Furthermore, I emailed him last night: “please call me when you have a moment, thank you.” and he is aggitated at that and he called 10xs today because I told him I would look into process of divorce. He then called his sister and then she cussed me out for bothering him via text. For the record I want and need to know how we are going to go about this, this is my life too. Then she proceeded to tell me her dad was gonna contact my family to tell me to stop bothering him. Wow. Life is lame. That family is crazy and I’m glad I am going to NOT BE APART OF IT. Think fully of the decisions you make.

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