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on march 24,i turned 15.but this birthday wasn’t like all my other birthdays…..i was pregnant at the time.i found out i was pregnant in january.i most likely conceived in december.i really didn’t know if i shuld keep the baby or not i dint know who to tell.i didnt know if i shuld tell my boyfriend because he didnt want a baby until he s like 25.he turned 16 in august.when i told him i was pregnant he wasnt that exited.i waited until i was 3 month pregnant to tell my parents.they gave me a limit of 3 month to find somewhere to live…i moved in with my boyfriend and his mother.his mom was really exited about the baby.i wish i was as exited as she was.she offered the help us friends are really supportive especially my best friend.she was more exited about the baby coming more than i was.she was goin to be a goddmother.i didnt wana find out the sex of the baby but than i got curious and asked the doctor.i found out i was having a baby girl.when i told my boyfriend we were having a baby girl he was really happy.that made his mom and my best friend even more together made our relationship stronger.i feel lucky that i have a boyfriend like him.i haven’t talked 2 my parents since i left my house.i only talked to my older best friend threw me a baby shower.i was so happy to see all my friends.i was even happier to see my mom.3 weeks after my baby shower,i went into labor.on September 17th 2011 i gave birth to a 6 pounds and 7 ounces baby girl.labor experience was terrible.i was in so much pain.i had a natural birth.i didn’t want an boyfriend and i decided it would be healthier for the baby.when the baby came out there was a joy deep in my heart.the seconds my eyes laid on her,i fell in love with her.her name is ANNE-SARAH.i got back home from the hospital yesterday.first night home wasn’t easy.i didn’t get that much sleep.i wonder what motherhood has in store for me.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations! Sounds like you’ve got a beautiful bubbly baby girl! Hang in there, the first 3 months will be hard, you’ll get little sleep and end up a bit like a zombie. Try and setup a routine between you and your boyfriend. One of you goes to bed early, the other gets up early. This will help out a lot, especially if you express some milk (if breast feeding). We now have a 2 year old and I remember those many sleepless nights. But if I had to, I’d do it all again. One look into my toddlers big blue eyes makes it all worth while.

    It sounds like you’ve got over the hardest bit, and have someone who is lovingly supportive of you (your bf). Things might seem tough now but they will get easier – hang in there, you’ll be very glad you did.

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