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it’s hard letting go of the one you love:/ it’s hard knowing you’ll never speak to them again. You’ve got so used to them being a part of your daily routine, it’s hard to erase them like they were never there in the first place.
Your jumper lays next to me when i sleep, so it’s like your there still. Your smell lingers in the air, on the jumper. Another painful reminder that your gone. I just find it hard to move it to the back off my wardrobe, out of reach, out of memory. i’m no closer to doing this as I am getting over you. everywhere i turn i see a reminder of you, and with this comes a happy memory that makes me feel even weaker inside. I see you mostly everyday, this makes it so much harder for me to forget you, how could you find it so easy to forget me? like our 3/4 years of knowing each other never existed. Like i’m just a stranger in your life. not a word, not a smile or even a glance and yet here I am, still wanting you, still pining for you, for the day you say ‘im sorry’ and give me one of your hugs, those ones of the type were you never want to let go. How can this all be so easy to you?
I just don’t want to feel alone. Like im not the only one.. So if anyone reads this, please comment:/ thankyou<3

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  1. Anonymous says:

    good writing…

    I know what you mean.. but u need to let go… hide it… dont spend anymore nights cryying… move on.. yr better then this… whoever it is is going on in there lives just fine but look at yrself… dont let them leave with the good.. be better without them… find yrself again…it’s like when a woman is raped… the man goes on with his life fine and dandy but yr left broken hurt, disgusted with yrself etc.. u need to let go of it.. it is dragging u down and sucking all the wonderful right out of u.. let some light in.. things can be good again

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