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Everytime i look in the mirror i want to cry. I think everything is wrong with me; in to fat, my eyes change colour, my hairs to flat, i have spots that scar my face, my nails are weak and all break, i dont dress as well as her, Im not as pretty as her, Im not as thin as her. I have scars up my arms and Im judged from them, i listen to loud music thats supposedly emo and i dont dress accordingly, i go to an all girls grammar school but Im no lesbian and i get standard grades. I can never please anyone, somebody always finds a way to pick ay me and It just puts me down. Im not strong enough to deal with anymore. Ive helped 2 friends, an aunt and my ydah through cancer and Im 15. Ive been cheated on, broken and knocked down more times than i have fingers. I cant cope with it all but i have nobody to tell or talk to.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    when i seen this, i honestly thought i had written this a while ago and just forgotten

  2. Anonymous says:

    its all sad…but ur msg gave me somthing…that at least there’s someone out there who’s eyes change colour too..:)

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