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I am a 46yr old woman that has children in Primary school, a daughter who just had a baby and a step-daughter. My partner is a good man but we have little to keep us connected apart from the usual daily grind. My parents have suddenly aged, the sort of people that all their lives have been fit and healthy and then boom 70 comes and it all falls apart!! Mum in and out of hospital now and Dad has dementia and is in a nursing home this year too!!!!!!!!!!!! It is all a bit “bloody hell” what next! It is comical when you write about life because none of it makes sense. Anyway, I guess life just feels dull and it would be great to have a secret fun life to run to every now and again where the only responsibility you had was to be treated like a queen and to have a whole lot of fun!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your parents. It’s funny how you use the daily grind as a reason to stay together. I do know how you feel. Last year I was in a similar situation. Whilst things were going reasonably well, it seemed like there was something missing in my life. There was – time for me. Seems like your suffering the same issue. Sometimes we get into a rut where it seems the daily grind is all that is there.

    Think back to when you and your partner got together, I’m sure there was more than the just the kids and the daily grind that brought you both together and kept you together. Try and rekindle some of that – take a weekend away. Get the kids at primary school to have a sleep over, tell your partner you need a break and do something that is very out of character. Anything to make you feel special again – Book a hotel room for the weekend, go on a mystery flight, have a candle lit dinner, a big bubble bath, take a sky dive.. there’s lots of things you can do to feel special without needing that secret life. The daily grind will come back but only if you let it.

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