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Posted by on 2011/09/13 under Uncategorized

for once, i was proud today. proud of myself. and i didn’t feel so worthless. but then you took it away from me and threw my face in it. and tonight, even though my scars have faded, i picked up the blade and made new ones. now i’m back to my old self. the worthless, disgusting creature that’s a pathetic excuse of life and doesn’t deserve to be happy or proud.

2 thoughts on “13-09-11(2:17:22)

  1. Anonymous says:

    everyone deserves to be happy. even if you dont think so. i dont think i deserve to be happy. but im sure as hell not gonna let that put me down anymore. im a suicidal kid and im not afraid to say it how it is. killing yourself isnt the answer….i cant figure out how to take my own advice but you should really try to just look for the poisitive things in life just today i posted about four things about me hating myself and me f***ing up things will be okay

  2. ThatOneChick says:

    i use to cut myself and try to kill myself even
    and i always felt like a worthless peace of s***
    i stayed strong and i found the love of my life
    he makes me feel like a princess and i cant have and do anything i want in this world
    just hang in there and u will find that one true guy 🙂

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