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Posted by on 2011/09/11 under Uncategorized

I am lost in this moment. Lost in time. Just want to sleep and dream about the old days. Just want to sleep and dream about the way it was supposed to be. I can’t cry, cause someone might see. So I have to keep this inside of me. I heard a song the other day and it made me recall all the words you used to say. Why are you stuck in my head. Why can’t I just let go. Why can’t I accept moving ahead. All I can seem to think is what could of been. Not what has came to be. Live doesn’t care when, we want things to happen. It doesn’t care how I feel. I’m so lost, in 5 years ago that I forget whats real. Oh what I would give to turn back the time. What I would give to make my life mine. I ask myself every single day why I let it get this way. Oh oh woah how I am so lost in those good old days. When I had forever to fix today. Now its gone and I’m left here. Stuck in what life has come to be. I no longer see forever outside my window. All I see are the days flashing by. oh oh how I wish I could walk out there and be back in the time when my life had some ryhme. Id give anything to go outside again. Give anything to see you in front of me. How has this life taken you from me. I have lost my soul, lost my spirit. I don’t know. how to reach it. I would give anything to get it back. Give anything oh lord please just cut me some slack. I know I have no right to ask but Lord please hear my plea and please forgive me. For I have struggled so long, over who I’m supposed to be. Please help me find my way.. Help me to find the words I need to say.. to get me. Out of this reality…

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