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Posted by on 2011/09/08 under Uncategorized

Do you ever find yourself just wondering what’s next in your life. You look around you. You have lots of things but your just not happy. Family, friends, possessions. But you just don’t feel like you belong in this world. You find your life to be in a rut, going no where. You claim your happy but the reality is your not sure. After all what is happy. It’s a measure that people put on something in their lives. Some put it on possessions, other on money, other on love, others on career. Still some put it on religion. But who really knows what happiness is? As I sit here typing I can’t think that this world lacks something. There is so much greed and hatred in this world. I’m typing on a laptop that could have not been bought and saved someones life. We live in such a twisted society. It’s all so wrong.

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