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I used to be really thin; well, not really thin, but more slender than not. My thighs were 19″ wide at the largest section, and my waist was tiny…now my thighs are about 20 and 1/2″ at the widest section; my favorite jeans are a little tight…there used to be a bit of space between my legs, now there isn’t, and I just feel thicker, curvier…and I don’t like it…it seems like it’s fine, but I look at other people and realize just how bad it’s getting. My bra size is an A34, my hair’s getting split ends and my crooked nose annoys me to no end. I want to be slim again, at least then I looked nice…now I look at myself and scoff…I almost wish I could be anorexic, just for a while to get rid of these extra pounds, but I just can’t. It’s not physically possible for me. I used to be the one my mom called “flaqita” to my relatives in Mexico, who were all curvier than me. I want that back so bad…

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    work out, eat healthier, go out on walks. The only way you can make it work, is if you believe in yourself. There is a quote at my local gym. Don’t work out because you HATE your body. Work out because you LOVE your body. I hate my body too. i used to be 119 back when i was 13, Now 20 I’m almost 170. I’m trying my best to do whatever i can. It’s not easy. But it’s possible I’m trying to get back to my small size again

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