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Posted by on 2011/08/31 under Uncategorized

man why do you want to get drunk so bad, is it because everyone else is doing it? like seriously, or is it because of the way it makes you feel. or because you want to have more fun. yeah sure i can understand that but it just eludes why you want to do it. i just dont know, you never do it around me. i dont know, i hate myself for trying to control you again, and im horrible to you. and im changing to make things better for you, because i dont deserve anything from you. im lucky to have you and i should know that and ill show you. i dont think i can keep doing this if all i make you is mad, or annoyed. dating me should be a joy, not a hassle or a chore. i make it seem that way. and im sorry, ill always love you. i just hope i dont break your heart, because i know youre not capable of breaking mine. i love you.

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