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Posted by on 2011/08/31 under Uncategorized

I so want to be independent, i want to just take off and shoot up into space and leave this prison i call home. Like if this was thr future and they were recruiting young people to go out and travel away from home for 3 months like a voyage into thw stars type adventure kinda thing MY GOD WOULD I DO IT. Its not that i want to grow up faster or anything its that i actaully want to feel like im free and that i belong to something (not someone) and then grow up!!!!! Ughhh and i dont want to end up like anyone else in my family or Like my friends.I just want to shine, shine so freaking bright., i have so many talents and i just know if got the chance to just show the world someone out there will be proud. at least i know i tried and then i can carry on dreaming for the rest of my life
I want to fly goddamit

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